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Of Pigs and Picnics: Vegan Picnic Recipes

Of Pigs and Picnics: Vegan Picnic Recipes

Pigs delight in water, and of course, mud on warm days. With few sweat glands and no access to central air, they need a way to cool down and protect their skin from the sun. We humans have ways to manage warm weather; one of them is a good picnic. Seated on shady blankets or benches, can anything be more perfect than the promise of a picnic basket?

In packing, the contents must be carefully considered. We want these moments–and this feast–to last, to be lingered over while Monday is a lifetime away. An abundant spread and second helpings are expected and encouraged.

On Sunday June 18, celebrate Dad and International Picnic Day with a compassionate feast for your family and friends with our tasty take-along treats. Whether you’re creating your own menu, or contributing to a family potluck, try these compassionate ideas, perfect for packing or eating on the back deck. And when bellies are full and the last of the brownie crumbs have been gobbled up, be sure to give your guests just a little more food–for thought. Let them know that no animals were harmed to make your feast. It’s a delicious way to punctuate the perfect meal.

seaside summer rollsSeaside Summer Rolls





Spicy Summertime Seitan WrapsSpicy Summertime Seitan Wraps






jackfruit cuban sandwichesJackfruit Cuban Sandwiches




Forbidden Rice SaladForbidden Rice Salad






Almost Classic Potato Salad(Almost) Classic Potato Salad






kale and strawberry saladKale and Strawberry Salad






Deep, Dark Vegan BrowniesDeep, Dark Vegan Brownies


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  1. Please send more vegan recipes

    • Linda Soper-Kolton says:

      Hi Chris – hope you are enjoying the recipes! We send out new ones just about every other week, and you can always search for others on the blog where there are hundreds! Please let me know if you are looking for anything in particular and I’d be glad to help! Thanks for reading!

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