Compassionate Cuisine Home

Meet Shirley. Shirley was brought to Catskill Animal Sanctuary with her goat friend, Thelma, in 2013. Their family was moving out of state and decided to give them to a neighbor for slaughter. When they were rescued, Shirley was timid and tightly bonded with Thelma, but as soon as she met the sheep gang here she became very comfortable and learned the ways of being a sheep. She’s now happily a member of the Underfoot Family, and is good pals with Scout and Hannah. You can quickly find Shirley in a group by looking for the wooliest sheep – her breed is characterized by wool growth down to the ankles and just over the eyes. Now that she’s had her yearly haircut, we can see her lovely face again. Shirley is about 4 years old.

If you love wooly animals, consider sponsoring ShirleyAnimal sponsorships are an affordable and joyful way to help us cover the costs and to build an interspecies bond. All our residents are in need of loving friends to sponsor their monthly feed, shelter, and veterinary care costs. As a sponsor, you not only help provide necessary support for a rescued farm animal, you also help the Sanctuary defend all farmed animals through our emergency rescue efforts and our educational programs.

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