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Chef Linda

Thanks for popping into our kitchen, pull up a chair and stay for a while! I’m Linda, vegan chef and Director of Compassionate Cuisine, the vegan culinary program at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. I came here to teach a few classes, but fell in love with the animals, the people and the mission of CAS…and never left! If you’ve got a cooking question, just ask me!

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Meet Shirley. Shirley was brought to Catskill Animal Sanctuary with her goat friend, Thelma, in 2013. Their family was moving out of state and decided to give them to a neighbor for slaughter. When they were rescued, Shirley was timid and tightly bonde …

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All about plant-based iron

All About Plant-Based Iron

What is iron, and why is it important? Iron is an essential mineral that helps build red blood cells, transports oxygen throughout the body, and carries away carbon dioxide, a waste product from our bodies’ many metabolic processes. It also assists in the production of energy, the healthy functioning of our immune systems, and the mental processes involved in learning …

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dried beans

Ask the Chef: Vegan Iron Sources

Dear Chef Linda, Everyone’s always concerned about getting enough protein on a vegan diet. I don’t hear much about other important minerals, like iron, for example. I’m confident that I’m meeting my protein needs, but I don’t know much about how to ensure I’m getting enough iron. My doctor says meat is the best source but I’m transitioning to a vegan …

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Like No Udder

Restaurant Reviews: The Grange, Like No Udder

Summer weekends are perfect for short getaways…and eating out. The first part is easy. The eating out part, not so much if you’re vegan. On a recent trip to Providence, Rhode Island, my family and I were pleasantly surprised to stumble on a delightful and relaxed restaurant called The Grange. This vegetarian hub, which boasts a commitment to supporting community development, …

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Upcoming Events

8.25 2016

Vegan Cooking Class: Vegan Lunch To Go (Gluten-Free) When: Thursday, August 25th, 2016, 6:00 – 8:00pm Where: The Homestead at Catskill Animal Sanctuary Cost: $60 Instructor: Chef Sara Register Now Whether you’re veg-curious and looking …

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