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Meet the Chefs

Explore the joys of eating compassionately with Chefs Linda and Sara through cooking classes, weekend food tastings, and recipes.

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Featured Animal:


Meet Shirley. Shirley was brought to Catskill Animal Sanctuary with her goat friend, Thelma, in 2013. Their family was moving out of state and decided to give them to a neighbor for slaughter. When they were rescued, Shirley was timid and tightly bonde …

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each compassionate bite counts

Each Compassionate Bite Counts

March is National Nutrition Month, and this year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics wants to remind you that each bite counts. The message this year is that making small shifts in our food choices can add up over time. Catskill Animal Sanctuary wants you to know how true that statement rings, especially when it comes to veganism. We know …

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Vegan Chicken and Biscuits

How to Veganize Any Recipe

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or a curious omnivore, learning how to take any recipe and make it vegan is a valuable skill to have – and it’s completely within your reach! I took some of my favorite family recipes that I enjoyed before becoming vegan, and modified their ingredients so they not only now match my values, but they also …

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Dinner in a Hurry

Veggie Burger Round Up

Veggie Burger Round Up veg-gie burg-er noun 1.  patty of plant-based deliciousness that serves as a platform for limitless ingredients and is best when served between two squishy buns with a pickle on the side. 2.  solution for any time you don’t know what to eat 3.  your own personal work of art Veggie burgers are a mainstay in my …

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Upcoming Events

3.18 2017

CLASS SOLD OUT! Vegan bowls are all the rage! Let Chef Sara show you how to prepare a variety of mix and match grains, vegetables, plant proteins, and sauces to make colorful and delicious vegan …

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