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Explore the joys of eating compassionately with Chefs Linda and Sara through cooking classes, weekend food tastings, and recipes.

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Featured Animal:


Meet Shirley. Shirley was brought to Catskill Animal Sanctuary with her goat friend, Thelma, in 2013. Their family was moving out of state and decided to give them to a neighbor for slaughter. When they were rescued, Shirley was timid and tightly bonde …

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CAS fence at 32

Two Sides of the Same Fence

Seems there are two camps of people when it comes to eating vegan; those who want to enjoy compassionate versions of their old favorites, and those who prefer not to be reminded of dishes that originated in suffering. As chefs on a mission to create more vegans, we can’t take sides–we’re straddlers–and either side of the fence is fine with …

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Isa Does It

5 Reasons “Isa Does It” Belongs in your Cookbook Library

5 Reasons “Isa Does It” Belongs in your Cookbook Library When I decided to go vegan in January 2014, my large and well-loved collection of cookbooks suddenly felt foreign and unusable. What a strange sensation! Though I’d been working as a chef for years (and had briefly been vegetarian in college), exclusively vegan cooking and baking was a new frontier …

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Matzo Ball Soup

Vegan Tips for Family Gatherings

Holiday meals with family can be a time where traditions and lifestyle choices collide, leaving family members confused, disappointed, or frustrated. Whether you’re a hosting or visiting, if your diet doesn’t include animals, try these Vegan Tips for Family Gatherings to help you navigate any gathering with compassion and grace. 1. Make special requests in advance. Most of us make holiday plans well …

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Upcoming Events

5.13 2017

CLASS SOLD OUT! Let Chef Sara show you how fun and easy it can be to make a decadent, Spring-inspired vegan brunch – perfect for Mother’s Day weekend – that will leave your guests swooning …

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